In the last week, Massachusetts has had freezing days, beautiful days in the 60s, and cool, rainy days in between.

A week ago, I went on a run just after a Saturday morning snowfall.  The temperature was increasing, and trails and roads were a slushy, puddle-filled mess.



Add to that the sticky snow quickly falling from tree limbs and power lines, and it was like running through a snowball fight.



Next up, a beautiful, sunny day in the 60s.  Birds chirping.



Next up, a rainy cool day run.  These ducks were having a good time (until I showed up).  Just listen to the duck hiss at me as I neared – a good mama protecting its baby duck to ensure proper social distancing.



After that, a nice run through a sunny and slighter warmer day.  Trail run through Sudbury, on a great path next to a stream.  Getting outside and hearing the sound of leaves underneath my feet, the birds, the running water was rejuvenating and a great escape.



This time, I arrived near my destination to find some chickens.  While they kept their distance from me, I nearly called the police as they were clearly not maintaining 6-feet distancing among each other.


Looks like we’re in for some cool weather for the next week – I wonder what I will find.  Maybe a deer, perhaps if I’m lucky some turkeys, or a fox if I get to see a very rare sight.