Thank You Letter from Local High School Student

Many of us have not lived through a real national crisis before – at least one that affects us so close to home and in such a profound and palpable way.  Now, living through a pandemic, we are experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion, sadness and a great deal of stress and anxiety.

But even during a wave of suffering and tragedy, I see signs of a community coming together during a crisis like never before.  Despite how much COVID is all-consuming and overwhelming for all of us, the words of encouragement and the gratitude from my colleagues, friends, family and wider community are remarkable.  Whether I am on a run, driving to work, going home, at the hospital, or on social media, those words of hope and gratitude are there.  Seeing nurses, doctors, and so many others come together to rise up to the challenge is equally encouraging and inspiring.

Never did I really understand how a crisis can energize a community, cultivate relationships, remind us what is most important, and bring us together in ways that I never knew were possible.  Thank you all.


Inside of Letter from Local High School Student


A Loving Message from Hannah, my 7-Year Old

She loves skating, the color pink, and me!


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