[divider_line]I am a physician in Massachusetts, Steven Pestka, and felt the need to form this blog essentially due to being concerned for the potential far-reaching implications of the COVID-19 virus.

Working as a hospitalist, and as a member of my community, I observed that we need more guidance from the our Department of Public Health at the state level and the CDC at the national level.  Communities, physicians, and health systems need this guidance and additional resources in order to optimally manage the current situation.



[divider_line]I like to run, and maybe I’ll blog a bit around running, who knows?


Other Stuff

[divider_line]I live with my wife and five kids near Boston.  I like watching movies and shows with my family, laughing a lot, and laughing a bit more whenever possible.  I like olives, blueberries, and have a sweet tooth.  Don’t hesitate to send me apple pie.