Ellie and I have been finding having a schedule to tell us what to do and when to do it is very useful considering the current events. We both do sports and arts that require many hours of practice and effort and without the ability to go to the gyms or studios that are normally necessary to excel at the sport, we make slots in our weekdays that are specifically for keeping up our strength and flexibility.  We do a run every day to keep us strong and we follow a workout list to make sure that we won’t lose any strength over these weeks.  My whole family has around three hours of school and education in a day, including math, social studies and any other school subjects.  We read at least an hour a day although I normally read more then that during my free times because I enjoy reading.  My siblings and I also have online classes for our sports on an app called ¨Zoom¨ which is basically FaceTime.

As well as a schedule for education and other necessary things we have plenty of free time during the day including completely free weekends!  We love our free time and do a wide variety of activities during these periods of time.  We play board games, do crafts, read, play on electronics or jump on the trampoline and enjoy the nice weather we have been having.  We have two times in the day where we are free to play and run around.  I suggest you keep a schedule through the day and maintain as much normality as possible.

Hope you are well!  Stay safe! 😜😜