I have many feelings about this pandemic.  Some are realistic, like the fear of actually getting the disease, but then some are of excitement that school is out and we can start up homeschooling again.  My dad works at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and he helps people with Coronavirus.  He originally was staying at our house as usual and living like normal but then when he started caring for more patients with the virus we moved him to a nearby hotel.  Although we miss him, he still comes by every day to pick up his dinner and we wave to him through the window.  We both love the TV show Stranger Things and are going to re-watch the seasons over Skype.

Most of my neighbors are my really close friends, but we can’t meet up and hang out – so we had an idea.  We go on an app called Zoom and talk there and once we had a 6 ft playdate!  We live on a cul-d-sac so we all stood outside of our houses and talked across the circle.

I have been having some fun as well.  My mom used to homeschool my four siblings and I.  It was a lot of fun but eventually we all went to public school.  Now we are back to Pestka Homeschool session two!  Me and my sisters enjoy being home to play with each other and talk together and learn together!  My mom set up an online program called IXL and we are learning so much from it!  I would not say the Coronavirus outbreak was a good thing but it really had some exciting and fun things coming along with it!

-Bea Pestka