On day 17 of quarantine I finally got to see my friends.  It was SO fun and I really enjoyed it.  We have a massive cold-a-sack right in front of my house and me and my friends used to play out there before the virus started.  We came up with an idea that would keep us safe but was much more fun than just FaceTiming.  We split the cul-

d-sac into thirds (one section for each family) and we each went into our own section.  From ten feet away we could talk and play!  It was super fun and it was so much better than FaceTime.  We roller skated, made up dances, and worked on our WTT (Woodmere Theatre Troupe) performance.  It was so fun even though we had to stay ten feet apart.  My neighbors and I loved it and we hope we can do it again!
I also had my first online theatre class!  It was from 6:15 – 8:15 and it was awesome!  We played acting games, ran through the scenes, said our lines for the two shows and ran dances and songs!  The two shows we are doing are The Elves And The Shoemaker (Sneerella) and Matilda (Mrs. Honey).  It was really fun seeing my friends from musical theatre and acting and talking with them to see what they are doing over this time.

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